Regeneratively Grown Cannabis Products

Love & Legacy

Lono’s Garden Paradise

Licensed medical grower since 2008

Licensed grower since 2008

Lono’s Garden Paradise

Lono’s Garden Paradise is located on Cedar Creek Farm in Winlaw. We grow certified organic hemp and cannabis. We are a source of high-quality ingredients for edible and topical preparations. In 2024 we are going to launch a line of smokable CBD flowers and pre-rolled hemp cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco smoking for those who do not wish to “get high”. We will have an infused pre roll on the shelves shortly after that . Our primary focus is bringing health and wellness to the community through plants!

A cultivar developed by
Rosebud Cannabis Farms


Lono’s is just one of a few production sites over the whole
KOOTENAY Region, ranging from
Crawford Bay on the East Shore of
Kootenay Lake to Kaslo on the other
side and throughout the Slocan Valley
in Winlaw and Passmore, down to
Crescent Valley between Nelson &

The KOOTENAY Region is known as
“the Humboldt of Canada”, with a
legacy reputation for growing Canada’s
Finest Cannabis.

Bud Specs

18-22% THC

2.6 – 2.7% TERPENES


Sweet Blueberry & Acid
Exotic Tones, Diesel,
Reminiscent of Chem Dog


4% return Hash (Fresh Frozen)
3% return Live Rosin (Wet Weight)
4.25% return Hydro Carbon

100% Sustainable and Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming in basic terms is planting crops in their native soil outdoors and regenerating the soil in the off-season with microbes, compost, and animal droppings from the same area or farm. There are very few, if none at all external inputs. Oftentimes, microbes are collected from surrounding forests or fallen trees and moved to the field nearby. If the soil is vibrant enough and not chemicalized, those microbes multiply and combine with other nutrients, creating an ecosystem known as “rich top soil.”

Special Thanks

We are grateful and acknowledge that we
live, work, and grow on the unceded

traditional territories of the Sinixt (Lakes), They are not extinct!